Toontrack Alt-Rockl EZX

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Softsynth Toontrack Alt-Rockl EZX

  • 2 complete Drumsets (Ludwig Club Date & DW Collector's Series) and Cymbal Setups
  • 5 additional snaredrums, 2 additional kicks and 5 additional cymbals
  • 5 percussion instruments including 26"& 29" Ludwig Timpanis
  • 9 mix-ready mixer presets perfect for alternative rock music
  • Inspired by the characteristic sounds of the alternative Rockbands of the 1990s
  • Recorded in Steve Albini's own Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago, IL
  • Contains a selection of genre-type MIDI drumgrooves / fills for Alternative Rock Music
Steve Albini's stylistic influence on the development of the rock sound is beyond doubt. Through his work on numerous groundbreaking album productions by the Pixies and PJ Harvey, and especially on Nirvana's "In Utero" milestone, his musical and sonic DNA became an essential part of innumerable alternative productions and was therefore not a decisive element for the establishment of a new and until today successful genres of the history of rock. This selection of drumsounds represent not only Steve Albini's characteristic and incomparable sonic fingerprint but also the unique sound and ambience of his personally designed and self-built studios. Welcome to the Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, Illinois and a truly unique collection of drums and cymbals. The Alt-Rock EZX offers raw and honest sounds for rock and alternative rock / pop in an impressive range - perfect for the very special and changing dynamics of the classic alternative rock sounds. Two complete drumsets and cymbal setups as well as an interesting selection of additional percussion instruments recorded with Steve's very special and characteristic way of placing the microphone, his impressive detail and the great experience of handling and tuning the drums.
Item number: 10094397
Brand: Toontrack

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