Test guitar equipment online

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Test guitar equipment online

Don't want to buy a cat in the bag? Musik Produktiv offers you a solution with which you can pick and choose your sound without having to go shopping on a trial and error basis. The TonePedia audio player is a great solution because TonePedia is just the right tool to test the gear at home on the couch and check out whether the object of desire matches your tonal expectations.

You can compare and combine sound samples from guitars, pedals and amps with the help of high-end quality professionally recorded sounds. The icing on the cake is the ability to experiment with the player's knobs and switches, depending on your choice.

That's how Decision Support goes ... and that's how you'll find your sound.

That's how it works

  1. Select a product on this page to load it into the Audio Player.
  2. First, press the Play button and turn on your PC speakers to hear the first sound sample.
  3. With effect devices, you can test the different sounds by turning each knob.
  4. With the bypass function you can switch back and forth between the original sound and the effect sound.
  5. In the lower part of the player you can click through different sound examples, e.g. Basic Power Chords, Rock Rhythm or Solo.

The Musik Produktiv team and TonePedia wish you

fun testing!