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Authorisation Key Steinberg Key

Steinberg Key
USB- Licence Copyright Key/Dongle

Successful USB copy protection system extended to include all new Steinberg VST instruments.

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH have announced the launch of its successful USB-based hardware copy protection device as a separate product.

Accompanying the product launch is the announcement that customers who purchase Steinberg VSTi products released for the first time after 1st January 2005 and who do not already own a Steinberg USB key copy protection device as part of their Steinberg product will be required to buy a Steinberg Key as a required component to be able to run the VSTi software. However, existing Steinberg Cubase SX/SL, HALion, Hypersonic and Nuendo customers already in possession of a USB Key will no longer have to obtain a USB Key that they do not need, and will be able to buy future Steinberg VST instruments at a reduced price as a result.

The current standard of copy protection employed with its latest generation DAW and VSTi products is among the most successful in the industry today. Supplier of this successful technology is the German copy protection specialist, Syncrosoft GmbH.
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Brand: Steinberg

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