Schlagwerk Log Drum 60P82

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Log Drum Schlagwerk Log Drum 60P82

  • Amount of clang tongues: 8
  • Material: Padouk wood
  • Pitch Range: f - g - a - c' - d' - f' - g' - a'
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 60 x 20 x 18 cm
  • Special Features: Tuned to base tone f
Schlagwerk 60P82
Log Drums in middle tonal range (tenor)

The 8- tone log drums are the perfect addition and the ideal accompaniment to (Orff) percussion instruments. Full resonance and a sonorous sound guarantee pure playing pleasure. You can choose which scale setting is right for your music.

60 P 82 - Log Drum (F pentatonic)
Harmonizing, hovering, child-orientated. Encourages relaxed improvisation.
8 pitches, F pentatonic, f - a´, Padouk wood, 60x20x18 cm
Item number: 4307034
Brand: Schlagwerk

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