Neumann N248

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Mic Accessories Neumann N248

  • Phantom Power Supply
  • The power supply unit N248 provides one or two microphones with 48V phantom power
  • All connections with XLR 3 type
  • The audio signal outputs are DC-free
  • The 5 directional characteristics of the TLM 127 and TLM 170 R can be switched by remote control via rotary switch
The Neumann N248 phantom power supply is designed to remote-control the directional patterns of the TLM170 R. It provides two independent channels with individual rotary switches to set one or two TLM170 R microphones to any of its five directional patterns. The remote control operates by varying the nominal phantom voltage of 48 V over a range of ± 3 V.

As in standard operation, cable lengths up to 300 meters are permissible. Since the voltage steps are within the tolerance range of standard phantom powering, the N248 can also be used with any conventional microphone designed for P48 operation. Even mixed operation is possible. For example, at one output of the N248 a TLM170 R is remote-controlled, while the second output supplies power to a conventional microphone. In that case, the position of the corresponding rotary switch within the power supply does not affect the conventional microphone.

The Neumann N248 phantom power supply has two 5-pin XLR connectors that can be split into 3-pin connectors with the included adapter cables (AC 20: XLR 5 F to 2 x XLR 3 M and AC 21: XLR 5 M to 2 x XLR 3 F). The audio signal outputs are DC-free.
Item number: 100017642
Brand: Neumann

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