Mollenhauer Traumflöte 1119B

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Soprano Recorder Mollenhauer Traumflöte 1119B

  • Tuning: C, a' = 442 Hz
  • Material: Wood / Plastic
  • Head: Blue plastic head
  • Finish: Blue
  • Finger style: Baroque
  • Technology: Double hole
  • Type: 2 piece
  • Features: Gold adornment rings. Low maintenance. Ideal for children and pupils
  • Accessories: Cotton bag, Woll swab, Grease can, Finger chart
  • Country of Origin: Made in Germany
This plastic/wooden recorder is something very special - not only because of its appearance does it differ from other recorders out of the same material, but also because of its shape. It has a large hole for a broad sound and is ideal for playing in groups, so a good choice for group lessons.

Imaginative and unmistakable in shape this recorder reminds of a medieval flute. The sound holes can be played by children quite well, as a good grasp is secured. Adri´s recorders are fantastic and very robust, as the head-piece is made of insensitive plastic. The bottom-piece is out of oiled pear-tree which creates a beautiful wooden sound. Step by step the recoreder can be extended to a fully wooden recorder.

Mollenhauer - the breath is the soul!
The story of the trademark Mollenhauer begins with a cultural impulse from Johann Andreas Mollenhauer in 1822 and blows as "the breath of soul" throughout centuries right up to today. Looking back at the development of the past generations of the company Mollenhauer, a lot of outstanding results and successes can be seen.

The 2002 slogan "Fun & Flute" mirrors exactly what Mollenhauer´s recorders stand for. It becomes clear that today - 180 years later - Mollenhauer enthusiasm still hasn´t died down...you´ll get stung by it!
Item number: 100022112
Brand: Mollenhauer

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