Moeck Rottenburgh 4204

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Soprano Recorder Moeck Rottenburgh 4204

  • Tuning: C, a' = 442 Hz
  • Material: Boxwood
  • Head: Wooden head
  • Finish: Natural
  • Finger style: Baroque
  • Technology: Double hole
  • Type: 3 piece
  • Features: Clear full tone, bright highs and solid lows, balanced tuning, reliable response.
  • Accessories: Case, Swab, Cloth, Certificate, Finger chart, Care set
  • Country of Origin: Made in Germany
The Rottenburgh 4204 has a clear, full tone, great dynamic potential and fits perfectly in your hand. It is characterized by its brilliant, radiant highs and the full low tones. The descant is in three parts, so the player can determine the position of the little finger themselves.
Item number: 100036263
Brand: Moeck

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