Mission Engineering SP-1-RJM-RD

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Effect Accessories Mission Engineering SP-1-RJM-RD

  • Expression Pedal
Co-designed by Mission and RJM, the SP1-RJM is an optimized version of our unique SP-1 switching expression pedal, specifically for use with the RJM Mastermind GT MIDI Controller. Expression and switch outputs on the pedal connect to inputs on the rear panel of the Mastermind GT. The expression pedals can be used to control external MIDI effects such wah, whammy and volume.

The integrated toe switch can be used to turn effects on and off, or toggle between effects. An LED on the front of the pedal is signaled to by the Mastermind GT and can be used to indicate state. For example, you can tell if your wah is turned on and the expression pedal assigned to it. The LED is also powered from the Mastermind GT, so no battery or external power supply is required on the pedal itself.

The SP1-RJM is finished in a high quality smooth matt black finish that complements the Mastermind GT, or an optional high gloss red finish Up to four pedals can be simultaneously connected to each Mastermind GT.
Item number: 10079743
Brand: Mission Engineering

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