Furman M-10Lx E

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Power Distribution Furman M-10Lx E

  • Merit Series power conditioning
  • Two pull-out LED lights on the front with a Dim control rack lighting
  • AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference RFI / EMI> 20 dB, 1.5-20 MHz
  • Overvoltage protection protects the equipment against voltage spikes and surges, and clean up the power supply
  • 11 outputs, 10 of the rear panel and an additional on the front panel
  • "Protection OK" indicator of protected equipment
  • Main power switch at front
  • Circuit Breaker
  • 10 A total load
  • For instrument amplifiers, recording, sound reinforcement, DJ Equipment, Pro Audio
  • Engineered in the USA
  • 19-inch 1U, 19 cm deep, 2.3 kg
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    The Furman Merit M-10LX Power Conditioner is the perfect low-cost AC power solution for any rackmount audio system. The Merit M-10LX has ten switched AC outlets in the rear panel and 1 front panel AC outlet to power and protect all your equipment with up to a 10-amp load.

    The Furman Merit M-10LX protects your delicate electronic equipment by combining high voltage varistor (MOV) surge and transient suppressors. The fast-acting suppression circuit quickly responds and clamps transient voltages to safe levels. An RFI/EMI interference filter works to prevent noise from fluorescent lights, certain dimmers, radio transmitters, and similar sources of electronic pollution from contaminating the AC line and from there, leaking into sensitive audio, video, or computer circuits. NRTL/TUV listed.

    The Furman Merit M-10LX Power Conditioner features 2 slide out, swiveling LED light fixtures to provide discreet illumination of your equipment on stages, in studios, and in other dark places. A dimmer knob lets you adjust the lamp brightness to just the right level.

    Filtration of noise from radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.
    Standard level of surge suppression.
    Dual pullout rack lights with dimmer control.
    10 rear-panel outlets, 1 front panel output.
    Sturdy one rack space design.
    10 amp capacity with circuit breaker.

    Maximum Output Current: 10 amps.
    Lamps: LED.
    Operating Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz.
    Spike Protection Mode: Line to neutral.
    Peak Impulse Current: 12,000 amps.
    Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: 650 Volts.
    Noise Attenuation: Transverse mode: Greater than 20dB, 1.5Mhz to 200 Mhz.
    Dimensions (inches, HxWxD): 1.75 x 19 x 7.5.
    Weight: 2.3 kg.
    Item number: 100054139
    Brand: Furman

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