Engl Z9 Midileiste

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Pedalboard Engl Z9 Midileiste

  • Comprehensive switching center for your Engl amp

  • A/B switching
  • Two programmable buttons
  • 10 MIDI patches
Engl Z9 Custom Footswitch for E570, E670

The Engl Z-9 switch can be configured to control MIDI-enabled amps and effect devices. The Engl Z-9 features an auto configuration function that, according to the type of connected cord, configures it as an Engl SAC system switching center or as a basic MIDI foot controller offering 10 MIDI patches. The Engl Custom Z-9 Footswitch is a very robust device housed in an elegant stainless steel chassis.

Comfortable and robust
6 switches
Bank A/B
Adapter optional

  • E344 Raider
  • E365 Sovereign
  • E570 SE Preamp
  • E640 Invader 150
  • E642 Invader 100
  • E645II Powerball II
  • E646 Victor Smolski
  • E656 Steve Morse
  • E670 Special Edition
Item number: 100020900
Brand: Engl

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