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About Elixir

In the year 1995 the company W.L. Gore, inventor of the Gore-Tex fabric, discovered the Elixire guitar strings. At fist these strings didn’t even get near a guitar, as they were intended to be test objects in improve drag and pressure ropes. A part of this research was to coat the strings with PTFE, this was a great function for wire-rope, but they didn’t sound too good. Well the developers went back to the drawing board and started to experiment with these strings to make them sound good.
Favoured combinations where analysed with focus on sound and dynamics, furthermore the durability of differing polymer coverings was tested and so a huge amount to tests with varying materials where carried out. Every successful combination that convinced the technicians was turned into a prototype and sent to almost 5000 guitar players to get a real life user feedback. Sine then the POLYWEB and the NANOWEB strings are available for almost all stringed instruments. The razor-thin coating of the strings protects then effectively from corrosion and dirt and minimises unwanted plucking sounds. A great product.
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