Effects Pedals for Bass Guitars

Aguilar7 Alexander5 Amptweaker11 Boss30 Carl Martin18 Catalinbread7 Chase Bliss Audio6 Darkglass16 Death By Audio6 Dunlop6 EarthQuaker Devices20 EBS11 Electro Harmonix66 Ernie Ball5 Eventide7 Hotone10 JHS13 Keeley15 KMA Machines6 Lehle8 Lone Wolf Audio10 Malekko8 Meris7 Mission Engineering11 Mooer31 Morley14 Mr. Black6 MXR18 Neunaber17 Okko5 Pigtronix7 Providence7 Red Panda5 Rodenberg7 Source Audio10 Stone Deaf5 Strymon12 Taurus7 Tech 219 Walrus Audio6 Wampler6 Wren and Cuff7 Xotic7 Z.Vex10

Effect pedals are cool and hip - even with bassists! In the past, the poor bassist had to be content with misused guitar pedals that falsified the basic bass sound and simply cut off the low frequencies, nowadays there is a whole range of special effects pedals designed specifically for electric bass.
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