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Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz

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Effects that distort the input signal in any way belong to the distortion group of effects Preamps & Booster Preamps and booster usually do not produce their own distortion, but rather lift or amplify the input signal in order to overdrive the guitar input signal. Overdrive Overdrive Pedals simulate the sound of an overdriven Tube amp. The intensity of the distortion can be anywhere between a lightly distorted sound right up to a fat crunch. Distortion Distortion pedals lay a large portion of distortion on top, the sound is more aggressive and severe. Fuzz Pedal Fuzz is the original form of the distortion pedal, a simple transistor circuit generates different sounds from dirty to soft singing and right up to crumbly sounds. Amp-in-a-Box The Amp in a Box (A. I. A. B. ) Pedals have their own special position in this genre. They simulate certain Amplifier types with all their sounds and characters.