Arnolds & Sons P-7 c

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Mouthpiece (brass) Arnolds & Sons P-7 c

  • Instrument: Trombone
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Bore: M
  • Cup shape: U
  • Cup depth: Fairly shallow
  • Cup diameter: medium
  • Rim shape: A little sharper
  • Rim: Medium wide
  • Shaft: Narrow
  • Features: Big carrying power, Ideal for the melodic voice
Trombone mouth-piece from Arnold & Sons

These mouth-pieces are exact replicas of famous American originals.
L = large, they have a wider shaft
S = small, they have a thinner shaft

Brass with silver-plating in the size 7 C for Trombone is ideal for players with advanced approach. The sound is great, and supporting, the mouthpiece is well suited for melodic voice.
The cup is slightly flatter than the model. 7
Item number: 100001198
Brand: Arnolds & Sons

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