Ampete 222 Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System

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Little Helper Ampete 222 Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System

  • Audio Looper
  • up to 2 Tube Heads
  • incl. their FX Loops
  • choose either one head or 2 at a time in Wet/Dry Mode
  • FX-Port to use a single effect unit or chain for all the heads
  • up to 2 Speaker Cabinets (up to 2 at a time)
  • switch between Amps or Cabs without any loss in signal, or any noise, or any latency
  • 100% security for all your connected Tube Heads
  • LED illuminated indicator frontpanel switches
  • frontpanel or Midi switching (presets or CC)
  • 19"/1U
  • High-End Quality Components
  • Made in Germany
The Ampete 222 is changing the game of head and cabinet routing!

After the huge success of the Ampete 444 (aka Spyder) the Ampete 222 is a smaller version that offers an extra feature!

You can either choose one of the 2 connected heads and switch between them with zero latency or switching noise, but you can also engage the "stereo mode" which allows you to play both of your heads simultaneously. In this case you can choose which one of the heads should use the effect connected.
If you know what "GAS"is, if Bob isn´t just a name to you, if you ever tried to spell Skrydstrup correctly, or ever realised that you have a dry mouth after hours of looking at pictures of Friedman built Racks and Pedalboards, you probably saw some of the most advanced and impressing Rigs... The Ampete Spyder is your chance to get Amp-Part of the fun, right out of the box!

some reactions:

Dave Friedman of Rack Systems and Friedman Amplification: "This is the coolest thing I EVER saw!"

Chris of ENGL Amplification: "Great tool, gonna use it to compare the different design stages for new amplifiers!"

Fredrik Thorendahl of Meshuggah: "It’s an absolutely amazing unit!"
Item number: 10075564
Brand: Ampete

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