Alesis DM Lite Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit Alesis DM Lite Kit

  • Product code: DM Lite
  • Display: LED
  • Sounds: 200 Drum and Cymbal Sounds in 10 preset Drum Kits
  • Drum Kits Presets: 10
  • Data backup: USB
  • Trigger inputs: Multi cable connection
  • Line in: 3,5 mm input for external audio sources
  • Outputs: L/R, headphones
  • Special Features: Complete Drumset with pre-mounted Rack – Ready in minutes
  • Accessories: Drum Sticks, all necessary cables as well as mounting parts and Powersupply und ein Netzteil
The Alesis DM Lite Kit is the ideal drumset for beginners and drummers who have some experience. All drum and cymbal pads are already mounted on a height-adjustable and completely pre-assembled rack. In addition to the 200 included sounds, the DM Lite module offers an integrated learning mode with exercises for playing. LED rings around the drumpads provide visual feedback and light up as soon as the pad is hit. Via the 6.3 mm stereo outputs, the DM Lite Kit can be easily connected to an amplifier or other sound system. Thanks to a 3.5 mm headphone output, silent samples are also possible in the own four walls. A 3.5 mm Aux input allows the connection of an external music player, for example, a learning CD, or the current favorite MP3 can be accompanied. The DM Lite Kit can easily be connected to a computer via USB, for example, to use recording software or virtual instruments.

Lightning fast mounting
The DM Lite Kit comes with a pre-mounted, four-legged rack with all drum and cymbal pads already installed. Simply fold the rack apart, place the pads and basins in position and adjust the desired height with the quick-release fasteners - the use of tools is not required. A convenient multiple cable connects the pads, cymbals and pedals with the DM Lite module. Finally only the DM Lite module has to be plugged in and the set is ready for play.

Outstanding sound for professional performance
The DM Lite module contains 200 high-quality drum and percussion sounds, which in 10 prefabricated kits cover various musical genres. Furthermore, the DM Lite module offers numerous additional functions. A built-in learning mode, 30 pieces of music for the accompaniment and an integrated metronome are perfect for practicing. The various connections of the DM Lite Kit additionally extend the possibilities for rehearsals and music making.

Illuminated LED Pads
The DM Lite Kit contains four drum pads - one snare and three toms. There are also three Cymbal Pads - Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride. Pads and cymbals are each surrounded by an LED ring, which lights up blue as soon as the pad is played - this creates a mini-lightshow during playing. The LEDs also have a practical use: in the various learning and demonstration exercises they show where they have to be played and also show the way to the drummer.

Two pedals
Two foot pedals complete the DM Lite kit. The first is a hi-hat pedal for an open or closed playing style. The second is a kick-dynamic kick trigger pedal with piezo sensors. In contrast to simple on / off pedals, the play-on speed is transferred directly to the level of the volume, providing an authentic kick drum performance.

  • Complete Drumset with pre - assembled rack set - up in minutes
  • LED-illuminated drum and cymbal pads offer visual feedback in integrated learning modes
  • DM Lite Drum module allows you to create your own kit configurations and modifications
  • DM Lite Drum Module contains drum coach with additional exercises and 30 songs
  • 10 ready-made, instantly playable kits in modern and classic styles - over 200 drum and bass sounds
  • 3.5 mm stereo Aux input allows accompaniment of favorite parts
  • USB / MIDI connection for using recording software and virtual instruments
  • 6.3 mm stereo outputs for connecting any sound system
  • 3.5 mm headphone output for silent samples
  • Contains drum sticks, all necessary cables as well as mounting parts and a power supply

Scope of delivery
  • DM Lite module with 200 drum and bass sounds in 10 ready-made drum kits plus learning mode
  • Compact, four-legged rack, height-adjustable and preconfigured with integrated cymbal and drum hardware
  • 7 "Single-Zone Drum Pad x 4, velocity sensitive with lit LEDs
  • Hi-Hat Cymbal x 1, Crash Cymbal x 1 and Ride Cymbal x 1, all with blue LEDs that light up when played
  • Stroke-dynamic piezo kick pedal, simple design, maintenance not required
  • Hi-Hat pedal for open and closed hi-hat position
  • USB / MIDI connection for use of recording software and virtual instruments
  • 6.3 mm stereo outputs for connection to each sound system
  • 3.5 mm headphone output for silent samples
  • 3.5 mm stereo AUX input allows accompaniment of your own favorite tracks
Item number: 10071238
Brand: Alesis

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