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Acoustic Guitar Effects Ortega HORSE KICK PRO

  • Design: Pedal
  • Tuner: no
  • MIDI: no
  • USB Port: no
  • Headphone Jack: no
  • Inputs: 6,3 mm jack
  • Outputs: 6,3 mm jack
  • Expression pedal: no
  • Battery powered: yes
  • Bottom1: stepless volume control for the percussion sound

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The Ortega HORSE KICK PRO is the modern high-tech version of the classic Stomp Box rhythm accompaniment. The kickboard contains 5 sampled percussion sounds. Available are bass cajon, kick drum, cowbell, cabasa and tambourine. The HORSE KICK PRO is the ideal companion for guitarists and singer songwriters, housed in a massive real wood cabinet with a non-slip bottom and a continuous volume control.
Item number: 10086885
Brand: Ortega


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Average customer rating:
(4 Ratings)
4.0 out of 5 stars

    danc on 01.10.2018)

    I use the horse kick pro at home because it adds pace to my guitar playing. I am using it at church too as our resident boom-box player has recently moved away. The background thump of drum, or sound of the other instruments it generates, puts a beat into our worship group's playing and singing, tightening the proceedings. It helps keep us all together and moving forward at the correct timing throughout the songs and so encourages and enhances our performance. We have found it a wonderful novelty, but also a serious contribution to our time together. So simple to use and exciting when you realize that just the movement of your foot is helping to guide things along. Maybe a bit over-priced, but beautifully produced and, as one youngster said to me recently, it's "cool" apparently - surely the greatest of accolades these days!

  • Unreliable response from the foot.

    Peter Garrett on 01.06.2018)

    The ability to play your guitar through the device is terrific, but the signal weak, so I have to turn my guitar way down. The sounds are authentic though a snare would be more useful than some. I do find it difficult to get an even volume with my foot, since the spot to tap is very defined, so much so that I've bought a kick pedal for my cajon and given up on this (expensive) device. A fixed volume and larger tap area would be a great improvement.

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