One Control OC-3 Xenagama Tail Loop II

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Little Helper One Control OC-3 Xenagama Tail Loop II

  • Audio Looper
  • 3 Loops
  • Tuner Out
  • 4 X 9 Volt DC out
  • Größe: 260x65x55 mm
  • Gewicht: 480g — 17oz
  • Netzteil optional Input: 9 Volt center negative
  • Power: 12mA
The Xenagama is a three-channel loop switcher equipped with four DC outputs. It’s perfect for smaller pedal boards that don’t have the room to accommodate a switcher and a power supply. The loops are all true bypass and it also has a separate tuner output. Perfect for pedals or tuners that seem to sucking out your tone while not in use. Takes a standard 9V power supply and can be used passively if so desired, however power outputs will not be active. This small loop switcher is perfect for the minimalist who needs a little more.
Artikelnummer: 10062689
Marke: One Control

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