Moen GEC8 Live

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Little Helper Moen GEC8 Live

  • Audio Looper
  • Maße: 460(L) x 96(W) x 68(H) mm
  • Keine Umschaltverzögerung
  • Relay True bypass design.
  • Individual Tuner/Mute switch
  • "POP" cancellation circuit behebt Umschalt "pop" Geräusche
  • 160 presets, 80 major presets plus 80 shadow presets, 8(+8) presets pro bank, 10 banks.
  • Programmierbare Bänke 2~10.
  • 8 loops, 5 als series Loops und 3 als separate Loop, Loop5 ist stereo Loop.
  • Programmierbare A/B/Y (Stereo) Outputs.
  • Jedes preset sendet editierbare midi program change nummern (0~127, off) auf 2 midi Kanäle (1, 2).
  • Powerful ext. "shadow" footswitch which can be programmed as loop(s) on/off
    controller / amp switching footswitch / tap tempo footswitch
    (strymon/eventide/line6/.. )
  • Two dedicated footswitches, latch type in major presets, FS1 could be programmed as momentary footswitch controlled by shadow footswitch.
Moen just keeps getting better and more innovative and this one is their flagship Looper designed for the serious musician.
Get your effects "under control" Brand new from Moen!
Seems all us have a wide array of effects that we have assembled over the years and can be a chore to set up and at times just leave the out of the chain all together due to the hassle of stomping all over. Now it's time to bring all those Tone Monsters out and let them loose. The new Moen GEC8 Live offers super fast switching, initial set up and switching presets combinations on the fly is very easy as well. True Bypass, zero "POP" sound when engaged.

The GEC8 Live is a work of art and loaded with options to realize the set up and control you have been looking for. Brand new Midi capability is featured here along with a shadow footswitch option that can be assigned and configured as an amp switcher, or even a tap tempo switcher for units such as Strymon and Eventide. Very nice!
Artikelnummer: 10075291
Marke: Moen

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