Bare Knuckle Jensen Capacitor 0.015µfd

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Kondensator Bare Knuckle Jensen Capacitor 0.015µfd

For over 60 years Jensen have been making hi-end capacitors. Today, they are made using a special purified mineral oil and the unique production process ensures not only a high quality capacitor but a long lasting one. Furthermore, Jensen have their own soldering process which provides minimum inductance and excellent internal electrical connection.

14mm x 25mm

For humbuckers and P90s, use our Jensen 0.015μfd caps for the neck tone.

Strats have generally used 0.015mfd caps whilst Teles have had a variety of different pot and cap combinations however we find that the majority of players prefer the roll off with a 0.022mfd cap.
Artikelnummer: 10070744
Marke: Bare Knuckle

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