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About Bosworth

The story of the Bosworth- publishing house is over 100 years old. Boswoth publishes many thousand works from composers and authors from a multitude of styles and musical areas in its offices in Leipzig, Wien, London, Brussels and Köln. Today Bosworth is part of the globally active company group “Music Sales”
The company Bosworth & Co. was founded in 1889 as a publishing house and instrument shop by the British authorized officer Edwin Bosworth in Leipzig/Germany. 2 months after the founding the Sullivan operetta “The Yeoman of the Guard” was the first publishing. In 1892 the first store was opened in London. In March 1899 Bosworth moved to the posh London west end. Around 1890 the
first German translation of the opera “The Gondolier” was released and in 1900 their first German version of the very successful stage peace“The Mikado” was available. About the same time Bosworth was successful in the takeover of the “Studies for Violin” by Otakar Ševèik who had been self publishing at the time. This catalog included many important violin titles, many of which are still today an important part of violin studies. Bosworth could also acquire many pieces from distinguished English compositions, like the “Coriolanus” from Sir Alexander Mackenzie and also his Orchestersuite “London Day by Day “ from 1903, furthermore the operetta “The Cricket on the Hearth”, which premiered 1914 in the Royal Academy, the “Vision of Cleopatra“, by Havergal Brain, that premiered 1909 at the Southport Musical Festival and the “Morte d’Arthur“ by Sir Frederick Bridge. Bosworth also published the well known English composers Charles V. Standford, Granville Bantock und Joseph Holbrocke, also the first publications of choir literate, including „The Collegiate Psalter“ from H. Daniel-Brainbridge and Sir Frederick Bridge, as well as a collection of church music of the renaissance with pieces from Palestrina, Jacob Handl, Marenzio and others. In 1913 Bosworth moved in to its own 6 story publishing house on Heddon Street in London, this was somewhat of a model for further publishing houses. There was enough space to present the important publications. After the death of the founder Arthur Edwin Bosworth in October 1923 his 2 sons Arthur Ferdinand and Lawrence Owen Bosworth took over and went on to extending the area of educational music and included the “Tuition concerts” op. 13 and op. 14 from Leo Portnoff. In the 30´s Bosworth extended its product line with further tuition works: In 1934 Kirkby-Masons „Moderner Klavier-Lehrgang“ and Ferdinand Küchlers „Concertino in G-Dur“ op. 11 for violin and piano. From September 1939 until end 1945 the Leipzig and Vienna Company’s were set under forced administration conducted by Dr. Georg Greuner. After WWII the Leipzig based company was moved the Köln-Marienburg. In 1950 the Cologne based company was assisted by the London house in gaining sub-publishing rights to the
Movie “ The glass mountain “. Even though the movie flopped the film score would become very popular. The title melody „La Montanara“ by Toni Ortelli and Luigi Pigarelli is one of the most successful traditional compositions from Bosworth since the war. Today Bosworth offers an impressive crossection of publications through all music directions and genres in an excellent quality. Apart from very good tuition books for beginners, Bosworth also has text books, song books or biographies from Ärzten, Toten Hosen or Xavier Naidoo up to Lindenberg, Reamonn or Eric Clapton.