Humes & Berg Stonelined ST-127 Satellite Mute

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Demper (Koperinstrumenten) Humes & Berg Stonelined ST-127 Satellite Mute

  • Instrument: Trompet
  • Materiaal: Aluminium
  • Afwerking: New Stone Lined Finish
  • Klank: Lijkt op de Velvet Tone, echter klinkt hij directer en niet zo soft
  • Demperopening: Voor 5" beker
  • Produktcode: ST-127
Stonelined mutes from Humes & Berg ST 127 Satellite Mute

Willie Berg invented Stonelined Mutes in 1935. They are the finest Brass Instrument Mutes available in the World. Sonelined Mutes play perfectly in tune and are easy blowing. For the perfect professional sound all the time, our line of Stonelined Mutes offers many different models to produce outstanding various tonal colours for the Brass player. Included in the many Stonelined Mute features that allow the outstanding colours of sound is the secret formula used to line each and every Stonelined Mute.

The Satellitte Mute is for use with trumpets.
Artikelnr.: 7707055
Merk: Humes & Berg

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